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" Its more than a number. Its your life "

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Fiza Healthcare Services


FHC was established in 2009 and headquartered in Dubai. Fiza Health Care began operations as a health care manufacturing and marketing company. In a growing pharma market we, using our knowledge and experience, have branched into the Diabetic Care, Cardiac Care, Pain Management & other niche therapeutic areas.

" Affordable... Available.. Accessible.. Acceptable.. Additional "

Our mission, vision and goal



  • Provides all Medical Treatments, Surgeries, Online Consultation with Doctors
  • Ambulance Facilities, Flight Medical Assistance
  • Facilities like Emergency Facilities, Safety Lockers


  • Hotels/ Guesthouse available for all Budgets
  • Tour Bookings, Air Ticketing, Medical Visa, Local Sims Facilities.
  • Dedicated Co-ordinators, Translators, Foreign Currency Exchange, Financial Planning


  • Local Activities Planning
  • Local Food, Shopping, Tourism
  • Educational Courses
  • Custom Tour Packages after Medical Advice

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Medical Care

Different Styles of Treatments

Alternative Therapies in India for Medical Treatment-
India is renowned for ancient alternative healing methods such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and Therapeutic/Ayuvedic Massage.

Our Dedicated Team

We are a lively team with an enduring zeal to ensure maximum patient satisfaction throughout their journey with us. All our efforts are driven with the idea "It's more than a number. It's your life".

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